Jodi bridges heavenly hosts and her earthly charge

Jodi was a Special Forces angel who had always wanted to be a guardian angel. Jodi's story is told in The Jodi Trilogy.

In Jodi: Guardian Angel in Training, the story begins as Jodi trains to be a Guardian Angel while guarding a child with severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in the early 1900's. Jodi radically changes the methods for guarding humans and creates controversy in the Celestial Hierarchy.

Jodi's story continues in Jodi and the children as she develops her new methods of guarding humans with the next generation in which entire families work in collaboration with their guardians.

The Jodi Experiment documents the development of a new department in the Guardian Angel Division which is responsible for refining and teaching the new methods to other angels. The infant department must contend not only with the rigidity of the angelic bureacracy but also the battle Satan wages against it since he finds it threatens his grip on human lives.